Alex Pines is a portrait, lifestyle, and culinary photographer who splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. A California native, she often draws inspiration from the ocean and nature, and their breadth and unpredictability. She began by shooting in the area where she grew up, exhibiting the shifting landscape and the impact of development on natural areas.

Her work strives to illustrate the spontaneity and fleeting essence of human emotion and the infinitesimal nature of humanity in the larger natural world. Along with her photography, her experience in multiple areas of media production, including concert direction, video production, lighting & projection mapping, stage management, facilitation of recording sessions, and production management for live broadcasts gives her a unique perspective on visual storytelling and media hybridization. 

Alex is available for commissioned work worldwide.


Pabst Blue Ribbon, The North Face, Coca Cola, Converse, SONOS, Oakley, Brown-Forman, Newcastle, Mastercard, Clarks, Live Nation TV, New Era, The Daily Show, Ace & Tate, Dala Records, Cornerstone Agency, Universal Music, United Nations, Bowery Poetry, Matador Content, Rawlings, Burberry

EMAIL: alexpinesphoto@gmail.com 

PHONE: +1 (818) 515 2632


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